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  1. Why Location Can Make or Break a Gay Date
  2. Gay dating app Grindr shared user HIV & location data with third-parties
  3. Julian Assange Faces Extradition to the US

For men cities like: And for women, places like: Bethesda, Md. With this in mind, we can see there already seems to be a discrepancy with place vs.

Why Location Can Make or Break a Gay Date

GPS won't ease this problem, but instead as love and GPS begin to become more and more intrinsic to one another within the realm of online dating, one thing that we may become most painfully aware is just how isolated we may be. If you are logging onto location-based apps like Grindr or Blendr and still not having luck, it may really have to do where you are and not who you are, Within this potential future, the old phrase 'location, location, location' will not only be something to consider when looking at real estate to purchase a home, but also -- and more importantly to most -- something to consider when trying to find real estate for the heart.

A major take away from all of this talk on GPS and dating is that these technologies aren't showing you anything new. Having your profile linked to your geographic coordinates isn't making folks magically appear in your neighborhood or city block; instead they are allowing one an easier and faster way to connect with people in our immediate area that is less awkward than approaching them at a coffee shop with hopes that they say 'yes' to a date and are single. Plus, even with the rise of GPS technology on dating sites, some data is still suggesting more people are meeting in real life rather than online.

A study by Match. Second is through a friend, and third being online. This at the moment is good news for all of you that may be currently cringing at this idea brought up.

So if dating online and GPS worries you, then don't sweat! As long as you have a job, school, or friends then the odds are in your favor.

Gay dating app Grindr shared user HIV & location data with third-parties

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Julian Assange Faces Extradition to the US

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Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp down worldwide. Home World News. Published time: Get short URL. A tech company CEO has exposed two major security flaws in the gay dating app Grindr which could have placed its 3 million daily users at risk by sharing their location data against their will.

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