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If even a few people do this, chances are they will look into it and take action, like delete the profile from the dating site. The reverse of the flasher, but perhaps more annoying, is the art collector. This is a gay app user who is incessant of their demands to see your portfolio. Like with most abuse cases in dating apps, a simple block of that user is enough to stop the messages.

The guys who make up this community of app users aren't necessarily bad people, but if you are looking for a friend or a romantic connection, they are potentially unavailable and it can also get messy in a flash. Tread carefully if you aren't into no-strings-attached situations.


Typically found on gay apps without a photo in sight or some abstract, illustrated, or otherwise unidentifiable image like a wall or their bed, the secret agent has something to hide. These users may be very good, emotionally available people, but it's still wise to practice caution. The last thing you want is to talk with them for weeks, months, or even longer only to have them always be too afraid to meet up for fear of coming out.


Sugar sweet and always with a nice thing to say, these boys next door may seem like a good thing at first until you realize they don't know how to stop. Static clingers always have a message waiting for you and a compliment to share.

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The feeling of being desired is nice but watch for signs of low self-esteem and compulsive behaviors which might make them ill-suited for a relationship. If you've ever heard of the CatFish TV show, you know there are loads of imposters online: In fact, believe it or not, there are more women on gay apps than you might imagine. This includes everyone from a guy's best friend scoping out a potential match on their behalf to lesbians and even other guys who enjoy playing games with guys.

The 8 Guys You Meet on Grindr (and Other Gay Apps)

While there is no way to tell who is an imposter and who isn't, practicing common sense and taking precautions with your images and information will help keep you safe in the long run. Yes, it is true, the man of your dreams may very well be one of the people you meet on a gay app. Truth be told, they wouldn't have options for "friends," "conversation," "dating," or even "love" if that was the case! Do not be dissuaded by the seven other types which may throw you off in your quest.

Maybe Grindr has been eating up all his attempts at reaching you. Whatever the reason, the hard worker refuses to let a little thing like you ignoring him get in the way of the fact that you two are meant to be. Until you block him, he will never take the hint.

The invisible man is just a blank space. An identity vacuum. Grindr was made for the visitor and you when you find him. But the great thing about jumping into the sheets with this nomad is the absolute lack of expectation. You decide to meet up and he suggests a cool, mostly straight bar first dates at gay bars can never spell lasting success. In person you find him even more handsome than the photos, and the two of you fall madly in love and live happily ever after.

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Is that an from an informal survey of grindr or did you just pull that out of your ass as I suspect. Its true though. I actually started my Grindr profile last week. Where I live a suburb of Los Angeles there are at least 8 foreign exchange students from France. I have had many fun times thanks to grindr. I live in Baltimore where the vast majority of the city is black. Thats not black? Right… lol Or Mixed. So glad I stopped using Grindr, it just makes you lose faith really.

Grindr: Welcome to the World’s Biggest, Scariest Gay Bar | Vanity Fair

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